Over the years, teaching methods have grown and developed alongside technological advances and, these days, IT systems are being integrated into the classroom more and more. However one question persists – how can I manage these devices?


Introducing ZuluDesk, a comprehensive, easy to use, and affordable mobile device management system that allows schools to quickly and easily manage iPads and Mac products.

Introduction to ZuluDesk

The Benefits of ZuluDesk


ZuluDesk offers a wide range of features that will provide relief to the school as well as peace of mind to the teachers. Some of these features include:

– Restrict and configure device use for a variety of needs.


– Control student access to certain sites, apps, features and much more.


– Quickly distribute apps to a single device, or an entire device group.

– Manage your apps and devices from any location.


– See extensive device details and remotely remove passcodes as required.


– Prepare certain apps and webpages as a lesson to easily guide students within the classroom.

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