Computer West Cloud Servers

Make the transition to Cloud today.

Whether you’re a business looking to remove your dependency on costly on-premises services, a hobbyist wanting to try something new, or another IT company looking to expand your product range, Computer West has the solution for you.

Australian hosted

Our cloud solution is based 100% in Australia, so all of your data is kept local!

Unbelievably fast

Build and start a server in under 15 seconds, with options of both Windows, Linux and more!

Extremely affordable

Dedicated virtual servers from as little as $15.00 per month!

Secure and stable

Designed from the ground up with redundancy and security for your mission-critical deployments!

Completely scalable

Scale your resources up or down as you need at any time, with no penalties!

User friendly

The most clean and well-presented cloud user experience you’ll ever find!

Don’t hesitate, get started in the cloud today with no contracts or commitments.

Technical and Billing

For further information please consult our FAQ page here.


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