Integrating technology into an education institution can be frustrating and complicated, especially when it is the responsibility of staff members at the school to setup, configure, and maintain devices that are implemented as teaching and learning tools.


To alleviate the pressures IT systems put on staff, Computer West has launched the Education Technology Program (ETP) which is an ongoing maintenance contract designed for either public or private schools. Our designated education team will manage the mobile devices for an affordable monthly fee so that schools don’t have to. Instead of having to focus on the tools required to teach, staff can focus on teaching.

The Benefits


When a school enters into the ETP, they are afforded certain benefits which include:

Profile Management

We will create, manage and maintain profiles, as well as distribute apps, amend settings, deploy iPads and retire profiles as and when required.

iPad Support

We will provide quick response remote, phone and email support to resolve problems such as internet connectivity, apps launching, and devices not charging or crashing.

Access to management Apps

The teacher app is designed for quick and easy classroom management and enables a teacher to apply restrictions such as locking a student into a particular app or website. The parent app allows parents to manage their child’s iPad if the school permits students to take their device home, as is the case with the 1:1 program.

Professional Consulting

In order to effectively implement iPad technology into the education environment, our education consultants can liaise with the leadership team, or other associated persons, at the school to devise the best course of action from a technical perspective and ensure the devices are integrated into the classroom environment effectively, ensuring they are used correctly and to their full potential.

Special Pricing on Device Trade-Ins

Trade your old devices in and the dollar amount can be credited toward new equipment. The trade-in value is determined by the iPad model and condition; you’ll receive even better value on a trade-in price when you’re part of the ETP.

Website Listing

Your school’s name will be listed on Computer West’s Scribble IT website, advertising that the school is embracing contemporary teaching and learning methods and integrating technology into the curriculum.

Remote Insurance Quotes

Simply send a photograph of the device’s damage to us with the model and serial number and we will conduct a remote insurance quote which would usually require the device to be brought or sent in to us for a physical assessment.

Special Pricing on Professional Development

Schools who have entered into the ETP are afforded professional development training on the MDM software at a discounted rate to education institutions who request ad-hoc training.

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