Founded in 2011, Makeblock is a leading DIY robotics construction and STEM education platform for makers, hobbyists, STEM learners, and educators. By utilising a vast array of mechanical parts and easy-to-use electronic modules, graphical programming software, and online and offline courses, Makeblock aims to empower people to turn ideas into reality within the classroom.


Makeblock utilise durable, blue coloured aluminum material, designed for ease of robot building and ensuring structural integrity.


With over 500+ mechanical parts, electronic modules and extension kits available, Makeblock ensure the the barrier to create is as low as possible.


Makeblock is compatible with common industrial standard components
like bearings, timing belts, step motors etc., and most Lego parts as well!

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As an authorised reseller, Computer west can supply the entire range of Makeblock solutions tailored to suit the multitude of needs an classroom has.

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