BYOD Programme

Welcome to the Computer West BYOD 1:1 program.

The goal of this program is to introduce and implement modern, IT related, teaching and learning tools to schools in the South West and further afield, with local support for teachers, students and parents.


The program allows parents to purchase devices for their children, potentially over a period of time; enabling the student to participate in, and take advantage of, learning activities that involve the use of an iPad, as well as its apps and features.


BYOD: Bring Your Own Device


1:1: One device to one student – everyone has their own


Computer West has liaised with your school to create and provide a BYOD bundle that the school recommends for student use, and these supported products can be located on our online portal.

The Computer West BYOD Portal

Computer West can simplify the order process by creating an online BYOD portal specifically associated with your school. The portal contains all the recommended devices and models for your students, as well as the extras and accessories to ensure the safety and security of the purchased product.


Pricing on the portal is exclusive to your student’s school, meaning you can take advantage of automatically updated costs and better value for money.

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