Create an even more efficient and seamless working environment with the innovative and mobile point of sales solution that is Lightspeed Restaurant.


What is Lightspeed Restaurant?


Lightspeed Restaurant operates on mobile devices, such as iPads, diminishing the need for easy-to-lose note paper as orders can be taken directly  using the device. Once an order has been placed, a docket will appear at the associated receipt printer, whether in the bar or kitchen, ready to be processed. Simple.


To improve organisation and efficiency in your customer focused environment, design a suitable floor plan which allows you to seat and manage your customers at the touch of a screen; you can keep track of what order goes where to further minimise room for error.


Entice your clientele with periodical specials, mouth-watering images, accompanied by delicious descriptions, whilst you take advantage of having the ability to swap and change any of the content at any time eliminating the printing requirements of paper menus.

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