Did you know that Computer West can manage any and all of your IT requests for Education? From providing individual products to parents, students, and teachers; to supplying bulk orders of devices and accessories to schools. From setting up one user’s device so it’s ready to use when collected; to managing a whole network of iPads within the teaching and learning environment. Whether you’re a principal, teacher, parent, or student, our dedicated Education team can address your Education needs.

Our Vision


Our goal is to assist the process of introducing and integrating contemporary IT solutions into the classroom environment of schools in the South West and further afield, with local support for teachers, students and parents.


Brock Lockhart – Retail & Education Director


Brock is the team’s products expert and can provide the best advice and guidance on equipment and solutions to suit parents, teachers, students, and school environments. Brock can provide comprehensive quotes, special pricing, and all the information required as well as one on one and group training sessions. If you’re not sure about products, services, or solutions, Brock is your first point of contact for all things Education.


Andrew Clark – Systems & Integration Engineer


Once you’ve procured your products, you may require assistance with implementing solutions such as a caching server, Mobile Device Management facility, or interactive digital display. Andrew is the team’s designated and experienced engineer and provides the services and support associated with the products purchased. Andrew can install equipment, implement solutions, as well as provide training, support services, and technical information.

Tina Rice – Education Coordinator


Tying things together behind the scenes, Tina coordinates the work schedule, organises onsite installations, or in-store training, raises tasks for support requests, and manages license renewals and invoices. You can contact Tina regarding products or services and she’ll respond, source the information you need, or delegate to the relevant team member.

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