Built upon a robust fibre network designed with the future in mind!


With the new Business Fibre Zone initiative, you can now get a $0 upfront fibre connection to your business.


With our digital landscape constantly transforming, and many businesses relying daily on video conferencing and cloud-based applications, network reliability is critical.  Enterprise Ethernet is designed to meet the needs of businesses of different sizes, whether you’re big or small. The product gives providers the ability to scale your network solution – helping you to be productive, collaborative and innovative, and to meet the evolving digital needs of your business.


nbn is looking to supercharge the digital capability of businesses across Australia with the nbn™ Business Fibre Initiative, by providing more access to its business-grade fibre than ever before.

What is nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet?

If your business cannot operate without internet, if you need over 100Mbps for your demanding use case, or if you simply need low latency for rich media services, then you need Enterprise Ethernet. No questions asked.

A premium, high-performance fibre network designed to be both fast and reliable

business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is nbn’s flagship fibre access product, with a 99.95% network availability target for providers§, designed to help reduce downtime for businesses. Most importantly, it’s now available to an estimated 1.5M Australian business locations, providing high-performance fibre across the country.

Fast, adaptable and designed specifically for businesses of different sizes

With symmetrical wholesale speed tiers from as little as 10/10Mbps to nearly 1Gbps (see important information about speeds below)^, plus options for providers to prioritise your data to help reduce congestion, Enterprise Ethernet is designed to provide the bandwidth needed for providers to support businesses big or small, now and into the future.

Dedicated onshore experts connect and provide 24/7 support to providers

Our Australian-based business nbn™ Operations Centre, is dedicated to supporting business and government customers by helping manage all fibre connections and providing 24×7 assurance support to all service providers with business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet customers.

How does Computer West deliver this?

In 2018 Computer West decided to strategically partner with Aussie Broadband in order to provide nbn™ services to our customers. Over the years this partnership evolved to become what it is today with their modern partner portal, a dedicated reseller team, and top-tier service delivery, so that we can provide connectivity services to our customers and help the south west region lead by example.


Through this partnership structure, Computer West is your single location for all connectivity services, delivering both billing and support for this business grade product and associated voice services to our customers across WA and QLD.


In late 2020 with the release of 85 regional ‘Business Fibre Zones‘, which includes Busselton, Bunbury and Margaret River, nbn Enterprise Ethernet (nbnEE) became a feasible option for small to medium businesses like ourselves. After learning the technology, we submitted our own order for a $0 fibre build to get 100/100Mbps nbnEE with a Bronze support pack provisioned for our daily use, and then started submitting orders for our key customers that rely on connectivity to run their business.

Business Fibre Initiative

Prior to this new initiative, quotes for fibre connections – which are typically faster and more reliable than any other type of internet connectivity – would typically come back in the ranges of $7,000 to $250,000, which of course is not always feasible for our local businesses to spend. This was seen as a showstopper for both SMB growth in Australia, but also for adoption of the flagship nbn™ product that was specifically designed for business use; Enterprise Ethernet.


Besides being able to scale up to 1000/1000Mbps for large sites and power-users, nbnEE has the options of up to 99.95% uptime, a 4-hour response eSLA, and ‘High CoS’ connectivity so that you have a dedicated uncongested connection for your critical services. These sort of options are what ensure that medical devices, phone systems, streaming platforms, and even guest wifi networks, perform as required. Everyone wants it, most need it, but it simply was not affordable.


Jump forward to late 2020. There were enough things going on in the world that many overlooked the announcement; Business Fibre Zones. This $700 million package designated key areas throughout the country as being CBD zoned, meaning they were suddenly eligible for a $0 fibre build on a 36 month plan. You can check if you fall within the defined regions here, and even if you do not, still reach out to us. Sometimes there is spill-over in the defined areas, or other ways to get you fibre for an affordable price!

Let us help you find your ideal connection

Fill some basic details in the form, and our dedicated Business Solution Team will reach out within 2 business days to discuss the options available at your address. Alternatively, call 08 9754 7029 to talk to a specialist today!

* $0 fibre builds for eligible locations subject to nbn™ qualification, on 36-month service contracts.


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