Here at Computer West, we specialise in enterprise network solutions, covering the needs of corporations with intricate IT infrastructures, as well as government departments, private and public schools and small to medium businesses. The focus in each instance is ensuring that the data is secured both at rest, and in-transit.

Our engineers are certified by Cisco, VMware, Microsoft and other vendors, allowing the team to be able to provide you and your organisation with a complete network solution from end to end including:

Security Appliances

Located between your network and the internet, providing firewall, user content filtering, virus scanning, and intrusion prevention. The Cisco Security Appliances that we recommend support 4G failover and balancing multiple internet connections.

Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches

Connecting your devices together, L2+ switches also enable advanced security functions including access rules, networks isolation (VLANs), cable statistics and diagnostics, link aggregation for higher throughput and redundancy, along with other many advanced and secure features.

Unified Wireless

Compared to traditional wireless networks, unified wireless networks allow multiple access points to work together to provide complete and seamless wireless coverage. These wireless networks also allow isolated guest access, usage monitoring, enterprise authentication, and much more.

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