Warranty Repairs

At Computer West, we have a technical specialist team dedicated to support and conduct Apple, Toshiba and Lenovo warranty repairs. Also, we are now happy to announce we are capable of providing warranty repair work on the Apple iPhone and iPad.


Authorised Apple Service Provider

Computer West has been appointed as your local Apple Warranty Service centre all Apple products, including iPhone’s, iPad’s, iPod’s, MacBook’s, iMac’s, Mac Pro’s, and Beats product’s. If you have any Apple warranty related concerns please contact Computer West’s qualified Apple warranty specialists and we will be able to service and support your Apple device.

Leading Edge and Edsys Desktop Service Provider

Not only does Computer West sell a wide range of our own custom built desktops, but we are also the local Warranty Service Centre for them as well! If you have any Leading Edge Computer or Edsys warranty related concerns please contact Computer West and our service specialists will be able to service and support your Leading Edge Computers and Edsys system.

Authorised Lenovo Warranty Repair Centre

Founded in 1984, Lenovo has grown to become one of the industry’s leading personal technology companies, producing innovative PCs and mobile internet devices. At Computer West, we are not just a reseller for Lenovo products, but also a local service provider as well. Our technicians are fully trained and certified by Lenovo to handle a multitude of different warranty scenarios that may arise.

Authorised Leader Warranty Repair Centre

Over the years, Leader has grown to be one of the largest Australian owned PC manufacturersby providing a wide range of custom built Desktops, laptops and servers. Since their founding over 32 years ago, Leader’s quality of build and support has helped this small company to become an industry leader. As your local authorised reseller and warranty repair centre for Leader, Computer West can provide a complete sales and service solution when you purchase your new, australian owned, Leader branded PC. Giving you a hassle free experience as well as peace of mind when buying a new computer.

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